8 Amazing Reasons to Buy a Honda car

Honda Car

Inia is one of the largest car markets globally, and car manufacturers consider it very lucrative. But to become successful in the Indian market, car manufacturers have to offer a lot more than a regular product. From excellent performance to stylish visuals, impressive features to powerful engines- there’s a lot that goes on the list of a desired car’s specification for an average Indian car buyer. Luckily, Honda is one such car brand that has exceeded all fronts.

Honda launched its first car in the Indian market in 1995, and it hasn’t looked back since then. Honda has emerged as a reliable, budget car brand that people can trust for their vehicle needs. But are these reasons enough to opt for a Honda car? Well, certainly not. It is why we’ve listed down eight surprising reasons why you should consider buying a Honda car. So let’s head quickly to the reasons shared below.

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Reasons to Buy a Honda Car

  1. Impressive Set of Features

When it comes to Honda cars, each car in the available range comes loaded with features. Take Honda Amaze, for example. It is an excellent car manufactured by Honda that offers tons of features for peoples’ comfort. Super-responsive touchscreen, auto climate control, cruise control, and infotainment system are just a few key highlights of the Honda car.

If you’re planning to buy a Honda car from the premium range, you can enjoy features like inbuilt navigation, Apple CarPlay, android auto, steering mounted control, passive keyless entry with push-button engine start-stop, electrically adjustable & foldable ORVMs, etc.

  1. Premium Design & Aesthetics

Though every Honda exudes superior design and aesthetics, you can notice slight differences in appearances, depending on the model. Whether you’re considering purchasing a Honda City, Honda Civic, Honda Amaze, Honda Accord, etc., you can rest assured of receiving a car with elegant looks. All these cars look sophisticated yet straightforward, which is why people of all ages love Honda cars. Sleek finish, modern highlights, and a classy design are the main highlights of a Honda car.

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  1. Special Emphasis on Safety

Honda is a brand known for its commitment to peoples’ safety. It is why you can easily find top-notch safety equipment and features in all Honda cars. From dual front airbags to front seatbelt reminder, speed alert system to ISOFIX child seat anchorage- there’s everything in a Honda car you would expect in a safe vehicle to have. The best part about Honda cars is they have also performed incredibly well in NCAP’s crash tests worldwide, making them the safest vehicles for passengers.    

Though Honda cars are comparatively safer than most cars, vehicle owners should perform their part of duty by further securing it under reliable insurance. You should be aware that car owners must ensure their vehicles before taking them on roads. So make sure you always do enough research before investing in decent Honda car insurance. The more coverage the insurance provides, the better it is.

  1. Equipped with Powerful i-VTEC Engine

Car owners worldwide always want the best in terms of mileage, efficiency, and performance. To meet these requirements, Honda developed an engine called i-VTEC that offers hassle-free drivability and high power output. This high-power engine fully maximizes engine potential in any circumstance, enabling the car to deliver superior performance. At present, every Honda car has a premium i-VTEC engine that provides vehicle owners with cleaner emissions, exceptional performance, and excellent fuel economy.    

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  1. Notable Fuel Efficiency

Honda cars come with two engine options, i.e., a 1.2-liter petrol engine and a 1.5-liter diesel engine. The former engine type offers an ARAI fuel efficiency of 18.6kmpl, while the latter claims an ARAI of 25kmpl. If you’re someone who is always a little gentle on the throttle, you can get even more mileage than the said values. When real-world tests were done to testify these ARAI figures, the results were usually higher by 4kmpl on highways. You will love driving a Honda car if optimum performance is on your list.

  1. Excellent Interiors & Comfort Level

What attracts most peoples’ attention to Honda cars is its premium interiors and supreme comfort levels. All the seats in Honda cars are super comfortable, and the vehicle provides enough room for even tall passengers. The rear space can easily accommodate three adults of average build.

You even get a fixed headrest at the rear seats that provide good support to the neck. The premium dual-tone finish in the front cabin gives the car its airy and high-end finish. All Honda cars come with a decent enough luggage space and powerful air conditioning, making them ideal for most.  

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  1. Invincible Reliability

When taking your car out to reach a destination, you would expect it to do so without breaking down in the middle. And this is exactly what Honda cars are known for. They are one of the best budget cars you can rely on during your journey. What makes Honda cars more desirable is the manufacturer’s impressive after-sale services. The brand has a chain of authorised dealerships throughout the country that customers can reach out to for any solution.  

  1. Reliable i-DTEC Diesel Engine

Honda is a car manufacturer that gave India the best petrol engine. But that’s not it. Honda also offers an incredible 1.5-liter i-DTEC diesel engine with its diesel cars. With constant refinement, the i-DTEC diesel engine emerged as a highly efficient diesel engine that is powerful and efficient. Honda tried to make the engine light while enhancing fuel efficiency. At present, Honda delivers fuel efficiency that nearly matches Maruti Suzuki with its hybrid system.

The i-DTEC diesel engine is the most lightweight; it has lower mechanical friction and lower power loss. It even has an intelligent system of cooling and power efficiency. These engines are available with every Honda diesel car, making them the best in class in the market.

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3 Things To Consider While Buying A Honda Car

Car Loan

Buying preference is always dynamic. When it comes to buying a new car, people either go with their savings or look for a car loan. Mostly, it’s the loan and you may find various financial institutions that offer car loans. Concluding, it is advised to first compare various lenders online along with their interest rate. 

Further, the car loan implicates additional charges such as GST, document charges, processing fees, etc. They usually extend the charges by 80% to 90% at the last moment. 


Purchase Suitable Car Insurance Plan

As per Motor Vehicles Act, 1988, it’s now mandatory for every car owner to purchase third-party car insurance for their car. However, you can also buy a comprehensive car insurance plan for your brand new Honda car. A valid comprehensive car insurance policy safeguards your car against theft, damages, personal accidents, natural disasters, fire, and third-party losses.

Look for the Perfect Insurance Company. 

In such a competitive market, it’s hard to find the best insurance company for all your needs. The best way is to visit different companies’ websites. Then look for their premiums, customer reviews, claim settlement ratio, insurance plans, exclusions, and inclusions. 


Ideally, you should select the company that offers customized add-ons and tons of garages, with the one in your city. 

With all the above points, we are now towards the end of this article. We hope that our article will help you a lot when you will step out to buy your brand new Honda car.

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