Coronavirus : 25,072 new cases of corona registered in 24 hours, recovery rate increased to 97.63%.

Coronavirus : 25,072 new cases of corona registered in 24 hours, recovery rate increased to 97.63%.

Coronavirus : There has been a big decline once again in the new cases of coronavirus in the country. In the data that came on Monday morning, 25,072 new cases have been registered in the last one day. For the first time in 160 days, such a low number of new cases has been registered. Along with this, there has also been a sharp decline in active cases and now it is at such a low level for the first time since March last year. So far, the percentage of active cases against the total corona cases found in the country is now only 1.03 percent. Not only this, in the last 155 days, the number of active cases has come down to 3,33,924.

The recovery rate from Corona increased to 97.63%.

The recovery rate has also increased rapidly and now it has increased to 97.63%. In the last one day alone, 44,157 people have recovered from Corona. Due to a large reduction in new cases in a single day and rapid recovery, the number of active cases has also come down. The weekly positivity rate has also come down sharply to less than 2 percent. At present, the weekly positivity rate is only 1.91%. In the last two months, the rate has remained below 3 per cent. Apart from this, the daily positivity rate has also remained less than 3% for the last 28 days.

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The speed of coronavirus testing and vaccination is fast.

The pace of vaccination and corona testing in the country also remains fast. So far 50.75 crore tests have been done and more than 58.25 crore corona vaccines have been administered. Corona has softened due to the increase in the pace of vaccination on the one hand and the decrease in new cases on the other. Apart from this, there is talk of increasing the speed of vaccination in the coming days. In such a situation, it is expected that the relief from Corona will increase further. Significantly, since the month of June, there has been a continuous decrease in new cases. However, even now half the cases of the whole country are being found in Kerala. If we take out the figures of Kerala, then there is a lot of control over the virus in other parts of the country.


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