How to Design Professional Modern Resume Templates

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For those who are between jobs, nothing beats a trusty resume template. When you look at someone’s resume, the first thing you see is not the text but the layout. Your resume’s design will give the hiring manager an initial perception of you, whether they know it or not.

Resume design is specific and delicate. How can you make professional modern resume templates that get the job done? Check out this resume templates guide to learn about resume template design.

What Makes Professional Modern Resume Templates?

While creative resumes are becoming more popular, they are not for everyone. How do you grab attention while staying professional? The key is to stick to the basics.

Content is a key factor; be explicit and concise. Good design takes a keen eye. You have a bit of creative freedom, but don’t forget the basics:

  • Colors
  • Fonts
  • Text alignment
  • Arrangement of elements

Let’s go through some resume templates tips with each one of these.


While you want your resume to be memorable, you have another factor to meet: readability. You want the colors to get enough attention, but not so much that they drown the content or strain the eyes. Consider the formula for color harmony when assigning colors to your resume design.


Going crazy with fonts can be tempting, but this is something to avoid. Stick to clean fonts when making professional modern resume templates.

Choose two straightforward fonts at most. Assign the heavier or more stylized one for headers. The other lighter font should be for the body and bullet points.

Arranging The Elements

This is where you begin manipulating the placement of content. Again, consider readability. Dividing information into columns helps with this.


Make sure the hierarchy of information is visible as well. One thing that helps in resume template design is knowing the content. If you know what goes there, you know how much space to assign and how much emphasis to give.

Check out these resume templates to see how designers are doing this. You can even use one of these templates for yourself!

Text Alignment

This may seem too basic to mention, but doing it wrong can make a huge impact on a resume. While it may make sense to justify all paragraphs and bullet points, this is not always the way to go. Justifying will harm readability.

Why does test alignment matter? A hiring manager scans your resume for only a few seconds. Having a badly-formatted and hard-to-read resume can cost you the job.


Final Tips For Resume Template Design

You can’t go wrong with professional modern resume templates. A good resume design is there to support the content.

Choose harmonious colors and clean fonts. Align the text in a way that makes them more readable. Introduce hierarchy with how you arrange the elements.

If you want to be better at design, get to know the content! Check out this article to learn the elements of an effective resume.



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