Big data and data analytics have observed an increase in media attention and public interest, as more and more social media companies and business firms are leveraging their applications to collect data and use their insights to further every operation.

With nearly 2.3 trillion gigabytes of data produced per day, data-related services and jobs add here to stay, which means choosing a career in this sector can lead to longevity in your employment, making you a vital part of every business.

If you want to learn amazing techniques in cyber security and data science that can change the world, then applying for online digital courses in London is the smartest move you could make in 2022!

Read this blog post till the end to find out about the courses that can help you bridge the skills gap required to be become cyber security or big data expert and on the transferable skills that are much sought after by the recruiters of multinational organisations.


Cyber security for managers and stakeholders

This course can help you understand the unforeseen threats presented by cybercrimes and can help you better able to communicate the cyber language to your subordinates.

Only a professional training certification in cyber security can help you lay a solid foundation of general cyber security concepts and threat factors, as well as leverage defensive mechanisms and attack tools to protect modern organisations.

Data analytics with Power BI

The course curriculum of this programme is designed to help you learn how to transform complex data sets into insightful summaries and gain a better understanding of data visualisation concepts through Microsoft tools.

You will become an eligible candidate for the high tech industry recruiters, who are looking out for professional export act importing data from Microsoft Excel sources and applying the relational model for cleaning and transforming data using power query interface.


Academy cloud foundations

Digital academic courses related to information technology infrastructures are slowly becoming the key elements in today’s tech-driven economy.

Getting an in-depth understanding of cloud computing concepts can transform you into a global leader who can support a company’s network security and architecture.

Machine learning fundamentals

This specific course will help you learn the use of artificial intelligence tools and services, helping you land a career in data analytics and data science fields.

By the time you have completed the abovementioned courses, you will become proficient in handling the technical side of data and putting together bits of information that can be utilised by your company management to open up new opportunities for the business.


Universities in London offer outstanding certifications in cyber security, big data and data analytics which can lead to full-time internships or even help you build a network of contacts who can help you kick start an early stage career.

Apply to a programme of your choice today, to put industry-relevant skills into practice, allowing you to better understand the opportunities that technology presents.


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