Technology for Dummies: Explaining the Intel EVO Platform

Technology for dummies
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Almost everything in our lives can be handled virtually these days. Many of us work online, completing 100% of our jobs on a computer. Most of us manage our finances and investments online.

We express ourselves online in various formats, from creating music and videos to graphic design and writing. And even if our hobbies aren’t native to computers, almost everyone spends time researching, reading about, and watching content online related to their hobbies like fishing, biking, or sewing.

Whether we like it or not, we need a quality computer to manage our lives. In our technology for dummies guide down below, we describe why it’s actually easier than ever to find a laptop that can do everything we need it to do, in the most efficient way possible.

And it’s all thanks, in large part, to the Intel Evo Platform. So what is Intel Evo and why should you get an Evo laptop? Keep reading to find out now. 


Explaining Technology; The Basics of Laptop Computers

Before diving into the Intel Evo platform for modern laptops, we need to understand the basics of laptops. 

Laptops are complex devices, full of many physical components that interact with and power your computer. These physical components are the “hardware.” 

Downloadable software programs are digital files on your computer that act as applications and tools. You can add or remove software as you will. Some software is more resource-intensive than other software.

For example, Microsoft Word is a word processing software. It’s relatively low on the resource-intensity scale. But a program like Adobe Photoshop is very resource-intensive. Editing photos requires lots of complex tools. Plus, you’re dealing with hundreds, if not thousands of huge image files.


So your heavy-duty photo editing software is going to suck up resources from your laptop’s hardware. If the hardware can handle it, then your software will run fast and smoothly. But if your hardware wasn’t designed to handle heavy-duty tasks, your laptop will perform like a sloth.

The main hardware components to consider when buying a laptop are the processor (CPU), graphics, RAM, and hard drive, which stores your files. 

Every laptop manufacturer pieces these components together to create a cohesive laptop, that will hopefully perform how consumers need them to. But this is easier said than done. 

The Problem With Buying Laptops

Every laptop producer makes claims about their own computers. But all of these claims are marketing messages, so they are completely biased.


A company can vaguely claim that their computers are really fast. But when you buy one and run the software that you need on that computer, it might run quite slowly.

Likewise, a manufacturer might claim a laptop battery can last up to 12 hours on a single charge. But what they fail to mention in their marketing materials is that increasing brightness, opening multiple web pages, and having more than one application open at one time brings battery life down to four hours.

So there’s no third party that is vetting these marketing claims, and weighing them against real-world performance. So you are often buying blind. 

But the Intel Evo certification program changes all of that so that you can buy a laptop with confidence. 


What Is the Intel Evo Platform

Intel doesn’t make computers. Rather, they make the processors that power a very large percentage of the computers on the planet today.

As a result, they never had much control over the final product that went into the hands of the consumer. They can make the best possible processors, but it’s up to the computer manufacturer, assembling all of the components together, to ultimately deliver a functioning laptop computer.

Even with the high-quality computers available on the market, many consumers are left wanting more. Where one computer might focus on power and speed, it might sacrifice portability as a result. 

Intel wanted a way to ensure that consumers were able to get the best possible laptops, powered by the latest technology, and assembled in a way that prioritizes user experience above all else.


So they created a set of standards known as the Intel Evo certification program. To receive the Intel badge, a laptop needs to meet a set of rigorous standards in design and performance. 

Most laptops on the market can’t come close to this standard. And many companies won’t even try.

But the Evo badge gives consumers a big boost in confidence when buying a new laptop. When they see the Evo badge on a computer, they know that it is going to perform to a certain level, as it’s guaranteed not just by the manufacturer, but by Intel, as somewhat of a third-party. 

The Evo platform takes the guesswork out of buying a new laptop. You don’t have to know how all of the technology works. You just need to see the badge to know what you are getting.


So what does it take to earn the Evo badge?

What Does Intel Evo Certification Mean?

So what are the Evo standards that computer manufacturers have to meet to earn the badge? You can learn more about the details of the Intel Evo platform here. But we’ve summarized some of our favorite features down below. 

Latest Processing Technology

One of the foundational requirements of the Intel Evo-certification is the use of the latest 11th Gen Intel Core i5 or i7 processors in their laptops. This means you are getting a computer with the fastest, most powerful processor available for consumer-grade laptops. 

These cores come with integrated Xe graphics as opposed to dedicated graphics. While most people think that they need a dedicated graphics card in their laptop for top performance, it increases the weight and bulk of the laptop.


But Intel has been working on its integrated graphics for quite some time. It rivals the performance of many of the top-shelf graphics cards found in high-end gaming computers, to ensure lightning-quick response time. 

Evo laptops will sport a minimum of 8GB RAM, though more RAM is available for those needing faster computers when running resource-intensive software. 

They also have a minimum of 256 of NVMe SSD storage, as SSD is way more efficient than HDD drives. 

Long-Lasting Battery

Finally, you can buy a laptop that boasts an accurate battery life. Intel Evo laptops need to last at least nine hours on a single charge under normal use.


This means the computer will remain powered up that long with a minimum brightness of 250 nits. It’s also rated to last that long with multiple web pages open at once, and multiple software applications open. 

Nine hours of continuous power can get you through an entire workday without an outlet in sight. This means you can sit wherever you want. You can go to your favorite coffee shop, even though you won’t be able to find an outlet. 

If all you are doing is watching videos, however, you can expect a battery life of up to 16 hours. 

And when the battery does get low, Intel Evo laptops can receive at least 4 hours’ worth of battery juice in as little as 30 minutes on the charger. 


So if you’re committed to sitting outside all day, all you need to do is take a quick lunch break, and you’ll have enough battery for anything. 

Slick Screens

Intel Evo laptops have screens between 12 and 15 inches. They are all rated to at least 1080p with touchscreen functionally and razor-thin bezels to maximize space.

You can find typical clamshell models, as well as two-in-one laptops, for those who prefer the flexibility of tablets when necessary. 



The speed at which your laptop functions online is largely determined by your wifi network, and your computer’s compatibility with that network. Intel Evo laptops are compatible with wifi-6 networks, which is the latest iteration of wifi connectivity.

These networks are much more efficient at distributing bandwidth between many different devices. If your Intel Evo laptop is connected to a wifi-6 network, you’ll notice insane upload and download speeds, and fast, smooth web browsing.

Intel Evo laptops also come equipped with Thunderbolt 4 ports, which allow you to transfer data as fast as possible. You can use a single port to charge your computer, transfer data to an external device, and broadcast your screen to a monitor. 


Futuristic Convenience

Intel Evo laptops are insanely convenient. They wake up from sleep in less than a second. So by the time you open up your laptop, it’s ready to use at full capacity, no grogginess is detected.

They are also super light and slim. These portable laptops are designed so efficiently so as to back all of this technology into sub-three-lb computers. The result is a laptop you can take anywhere and everywhere, without ever feeling like it’s a burden.

Finding an Intel Evo Laptop

Interested in picking up an Intel Evo-certified laptop? There are a few brands, such as Lenovo, Asus, Acer, and others who are working with Intel for certification on select models.


By heading to your local electronics and technology services store, you’ll notice the large Evo badge on any certified laptop, making them easy to spot. 

Technology for Dummies; Buy a Better Computer

You might not be a natural whiz-kid or tech nerd. As our technology for dummies guide has explained, you can experience a high-powered computer, equipped with the fastest and most efficient hardware, without the need for tons of research.

Just look for the Intel Evo badge and you know you’re getting a computer that outperforms all the rest, without all the empty claims.

Looking for more technical information? Head over to our blog now to keep reading.



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