Vehicle Scrappage Policy Launch : PM Modi launched Scrappage Policy. A certificate will be given on selling the used car.

Vehicle Scrappage Policy Launch : PM Modi launched Scrappage Policy. A certificate will be given on selling the used car

Vehicle Scrappage Policy Launch : The main focus of the Vehicle Scrappage Policy is to remove old vehicles from the road so that pollution can be controlled, this will benefit the car owners as well as the industry. The rules regarding fitness test in the policy are very strict.

PM Modi Launches New Vehicle Scrappage Policy

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has launched the Vehicle Scrappage Policy in the country today. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has launched this policy through video conferencing at the Investor Summit in Gujarat. Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman introduced this policy in the Union Budget of 2021.

Old car owners will get many benefits

While launching the Vehicle Scrappage Policy, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that mobility plays a big role in the economy of any country. The new scrappage policy will also play a big role in the economy. The principles of this policy are Re-use, Recycle and Recovery. This policy will bring investment of Rs 10,000 crore in the country. PM Modi said that India is using Waste Product in highway construction.

PM Modi launches Vehicle Scrappage Policy, know what will be the effect on  your vehicle

The PM said that the new scrapping policy is an important link in the circular economy of the campaign of Waste to Wealth-Waste to Kanchan. This policy also reflects our commitment to reduce pollution from the country’s cities and protect the environment and fast development. This policy is going to give a new identity to the mobility of New India, to the auto sector.


Policy not mandatory now

Let us tell you that after the budget, Union Minister for Road, Transport and Highways Nitin Gadkari share information about this policy in the Lok Sabha, after which a notification was issue for the policy. However, the new scrappage policy is voluntary. This means that you will decide whether you have to give it for scrap under your car policy or not. Under this policy, the fitness test of vehicles has made mandatory in a stipulated time.

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Giving old car in scrap will have these 4 benefits: PM Modi

To make this policy popular, the government has given many facilities. PM Modi said that ordinary families will benefit greatly from this policy in every way. The first advantage will be that a certificate will given on scrapping the old vehicle. The person who will have this certificate will not have to pay any money for registration on the purchase of a new vehicle. Along with this, he will also given some exemption in road tax. The second advantage will that the maintenance cost, repair cost, fuel efficiency of the old vehicle will also be saved in this. The third benefit is directly related to life, due to old vehicles, old technology, the risk of road accident is very high, which will get rid of it. Fourth, it will reduce the impact on our health due to pollution.

Industry will get the benefit of scrappage policy

PM Modi said at the launch of the scrappage policy that the priority of the government is now on ethanol and hydrogen fuel. The PM said that from R&D to infrastructure, the industry will have to increase its stake. Whatever help you need for this, the government is ready to give it. To give impetus to self-reliant India, continuous steps are being taken to make the industry sustainable and productive in India. It is our endeavor that as much as possible, we have to depend on imports as little as possible for the value chain associated with auto manufacturing. PM Modi said that the auto and metal industry will benefit from the scrappage policy. The scrappage policy will generate useful steel scrap, which will benefit the industry. India currently imports steel worth Rs 23,000 crore.


Understand Scrappage Policy

Under the Scrappage Policy, there is a plan to scrap government and commercial vehicles of more than 15 years. Private vehicles older than 20 years will also be scrapped. Used vehicles will have to pass fitness test before re-registration and old vehicles will be checked at Automated Fitness Centre. The fitness of the vehicles will be checked as per the international standards. Emission test, braking system, safety components will be checked and vehicles failing in fitness test will be scrapped.

Why Scrappage Policy is needed?

There are 51 lakh light motor vehicles in India which are more than 20 years old and 34 lakh which are more than 15 years old. There are around 17 lakh Medium and Heavy Commercial Vehicles which are more than 15 years old and are running without the required fitness certificate. Scrap policy is also necessary because old vehicles spread 10 to 12 times more pollution than fitted vehicles and are a big threat to road safety.

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