Presidential Debate Bingo Card: Engage in the Showdown!


The presidential debate is an exciting event. People watch to see who will win. This year, we have a fun way to follow the debate. We made a Presidential Debate Bingo Card! Watch Biden and Trump face off and play along.

What is a Bingo Card?

A Bingo card is a grid of squares. Each square has a word or phrase. In our game, the squares have debate topics and actions. When you see or hear them, you mark the square. The goal is to mark a line of squares.

How to Play Presidential Debate Bingo

Playing Bingo during the debate is easy and fun. Follow these steps:

  1. Print out your Bingo card.
  2. Watch the debate between Biden and Trump.
  3. Listen for words and actions on your card.
  4. Mark the squares when you hear or see them.
  5. Shout “Bingo!” if you mark a line of squares.

What to Expect in the Debate

Biden and Trump will talk about many topics. Here are some things to watch for:

  • Economy
  • Health Care
  • Education
  • Foreign Policy
  • Climate Change

They might also talk about these actions:

  • Interrupting each other
  • Raising their voices
  • Making promises
  • Pointing fingers
  • Smiling or laughing

Why Play Bingo During the Debate?

Bingo makes watching the debate more fun. It helps you pay attention. It also makes the debate less stressful. You can play with your family and friends. Everyone can join in and have a good time.

Sample Bingo Card

Here is a sample Bingo card for the debate. You can print it out and use it. Feel free to make your own cards too.

Economy Health Care Education Foreign Policy Climate Change
Interrupting Raising Voice Making Promises Pointing Fingers Smiling
Laughing Talking Over New Plan Old Record Future Vision
Blaming Defending Questioning Agreeing Disagreeing
Stats Facts History Future Past

Tips for Watching the Debate

Here are some tips to make the most of the debate:

  • Find a comfortable spot to watch.
  • Have snacks and drinks ready.
  • Take notes if you want to remember key points.
  • Pause and discuss with others if you can.
  • Stay calm and enjoy the game.


The presidential debate is a key event. Watching it with a Bingo card adds fun. You can follow Biden and Trump closely. Play with family and friends for a great time. Download and print your Bingo card now. Get ready for an exciting debate!

We hope you have fun with your Presidential Debate Bingo Card. Remember to watch, listen, and mark your squares. May the best player win!


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